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PAZAR ChIP-Seq Peak Format


The PAZAR ChIP-Seq Peak format is for users who are only interested in ChIP-Seq peak data.

It captures (TF) peak information into a tab delimited format that is easy to work with.

Structure of format

Fields are: <chromosome>  <peak start coordinate>  <peak end coordinate>  <peak max coordinate>  <PAZAR sequence ID>  <score>  <score type>  <PAZAR TF ID>  <TF Name>  <species>  <PMID>  <cell or tissue> 

Those 12 fields are tab-delimited.

* The score type can also be thought of as the units of the score
* The peak max coordinate refers to the coordinate at which the peak is at its maximum height


chr1 915920 916350 916127 RS0167109 195.45 MAXHEIGHT TF0001043 MITF_HUMAN Homo sapiens 21258399 Human 501Mel cells