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PAZAR TF-Target Gene Format


The PAZAR TF-Target Gene format provides a listing of Transcription Factors and target genes that they putatively regulate

In some cases, the gene is simply the most proximal. This is especially true for projects containing ChIP-Seq data.

Structure of format

Fields are: <PAZAR TF ID>  <ensembl transcript accession of TF>  <TF Name>  <PAZAR Gene ID>  <ensembl gene accession>  <chromosome>  <gene start coordinate>  <gene end coordinate>  <species>  <project name>  <PMID>  <analysis method> 

These 12 fields are tab-delimited.


TF0001043 ENST00000394351 MITF_HUMAN GS0026328 ENSG00000187634 1 860260 879955 Homo sapiens MITF_Strub 21258399 PROTEIN BINDING ASSAY::CHROMATIN IMMUNOPRECIPITATION (CHIP)